Privacy Policy

On this page, we have shared the privacy policy that governs the website In the privacy policy, we have shared how we collect, use, maintain and share the data we collect for you when you access the website. Please note that the privacy policy applies to all the pages and sections of

Personal Information

Our analytical engines start collecting personal identification information when you visit the website. We collect a certain level of information when you register on our website or add a comment on the website. We may even ask you to fill out a form, and to avail certain services, it is mandatory to fill out the form. The information on the form may include name, contact number, email, and other personal identification information. If you don’t wish to share your name, contact number, or email address, you can browse the website without submitting any form.

Non Personal Information

Apart from personal information, we also collect non-personal information from our users. This includes the browser, operating system, device, IP address, ISP information, and other similar details. Such information is accessed directly as this information helps us maintain logs and troubleshoot in case of any issues.


At, we also collect cookies from your system. This helps us enhance the user experience and offer interactive services. Your cookies are stored as temp files on your hard drive. By visiting the website, you allow us to collect these cookies. If you don’t want us to use cookies, you must opt for more restrictive settings on your browsers. Please note that some of the features and sections on this website might not function correctly without access to cookies.

Use of Collected Information

There are multiple ways in which we use the information that we have collected. The primary use is to improve the customer experience and to respond to the issues in a better way. The logs help us troubleshoot the issues at the backend, and we may even use the information to try and replicate the issue. Apart from this, we use cookies to display appropriate advertisements to you. We also look at the usage trend with the help of the data that we have collected.

In some cases, we may share newsletters and other important updates with you via email. While it is important for us to collect the data, it is also important for us to ensure the safety of the data that we collect. We never share or sell the data collected for any third party. This is against our policies as your personal information is considered highly confidential information. Our servers are secured using multiple layers, and we also manage the access to the data with a lot of care. Only a few admin users have access to the data. This helps us prevent any destruction, alteration, or unauthorized access to your data.

Third-Party Website

We often share external links on our website. Please note that the privacy policy is only applicable to We don’t take responsibility for the privacy policy of any third-party website. Also, you are requested to visit the third-party website at your own will.

Affiliates & Google AdSense

We at uses Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate services. The service provider may consume some of the information collected to provide you with these services. As mentioned earlier, you can restrict your browser settings to a more restrictive option to avoid the use of cookies or any similar information.

Contact Us

If you don’t agree with any part of the privacy policy, you are requested to exit the Apart from this, by browsing the website, you authorize us to collect the data. This policy can change anytime without prior notification. In case of any issues, you can contact us, and we will address your queries.

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